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Guide to renting:

Renting a property has never been easier with LS Lettings & Sales. Our guide will take you step by step through the moving experience and help you find your ideal home as quickly as possible.

Advice for tenants

  • Renting a property has never been easier with LS Lettings & Sales
  • We can make finding a new home as easy as possible.
  • The moving experience starts as soon as you decide to move so this guide will help you get started and make it a good experience.

Basic steps to finding the right property

  • Whatever your previous experience or if it's your first move, at LS Lettings we will try to make it as easy and trouble free as possible.
  • Be as clear as you can about what you are looking for.
  • Make sure LS Lettings are always looking out for the right property for you as they go very quickly, you can do this by registering your details.

Why rent?

  • Renting has never been easier, with rising house prices and market uncertainty renting can sometimes be the best thing to do!
  • There could be plenty of rental properties available in your town. Why not use our property search to view rental properties on line now?

Deposit and costs

  • A tenant always pays a deposit before moving in to a rental property.
  • If handled correctly, the deposit remains the property of the tenant until the tenant leaves the property.
  • It is required that this deposit is held within a government recognised deposit scheme.
  • It should not be used for any purpose other than as stated in the agreement and by the deposit scheme.

What you need to remember

  • When you find a property you like, you will need to be ready to provide references and a deposit.
  • You then need to concentrate on the move itself getting in touch with utility providers to arrange your gas and electric connection, we will help with this.
  • You also need to think about insuring your possessions as although the property has insurance, this only covers the building and not your contents.

LS Lettings complaint procedure

Should in the rare event that you feel you have a genuine complaint against one of our staff members, contractors or landlord we would ask that you give us the opportunity in putting things right first.  Obviously mistakes do happen and things do not sometimes run to plan, with these rare incidences we request that you put your complaint in written format to our office manager.  Our office manager will then look at your complaint and follow our in house procedure in order to put things right in a speedy fashion.

Getting expert advice

If you have a question not answered here you can always go to our LS lettings contact page and ask a question.  You may also make a phone call to our office for a quicker response should you wish to, we are always pleased to help.