LS Lettings & Sales

Protecting your interests
Our objective when managing your property is to protect your interests and maintain your property in good order. We aim to ensure with your help that you fully comply with safety regulations and our advice should minimise your risk. The maintenance obligations placed by law on the landlord can for some be considered onerous but our job is to guide you through the maze of legislation.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme
Under new legislation, from 6 April 2007 all deposits taken from tenants against possible non-payment of rent or damage to a property must now be covered by what is called a Tenancy Deposit Protection. This means that any landlord or agent who takes a deposit for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy must safeguard it in one of the approved tenancy deposit protection schemes. LS Lettings are members of The Property Ombudsman and The Tenancy Deposit Scheme and will be happy to advise you on how this works. It has been developed to protect both landlords and tenants and provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service, which will ensure any disputes concerning deposits are resolved as swiftly as possible.

Visiting your property
During the course of the tenancy we conduct regular visits to ensure everything is in order and discuss with your tenant any issues that may have arisen. By keeping you informed, you will be better placed to make any decisions which need to be made.

End of tenancy
When your tenancy comes to an end our management staff will agree any dilapidations that may have arisen with you and your tenant. These will be based upon the Inventory and Schedule of condition taken at the start and end of the tenancy. Following which, upon your instructions we will ensure that any necessary work is carried out.

We will of course instruct repairs on your behalf where necessary using our comprehensive list of tried and tested contractors or, alternatively, you may prefer us to use a contractor already known to you, should this be the case then it is as easy as providing to us the details for us to contact should matters arise.

For larger works we can obtain a number of quotes and, if necessary, instruct a surveyor on your behalf to oversee appointed contractors. As a rule of thumb you should be looking to redecorate every five to seven years and replace or upgrade the kitchen and bathroom every fifteen to twenty years. To minimise disruption, wherever possible, refurbishment should be carried out between tenancies.  We can however liaise between tenants to ensure the works are carried out with minimal disruption.

We also provide as standard a maintenance service, should your property require attention at any point we have our own dedicated team on hand for any minor or major works that may need to be carried out from time to time.  Our maintenance team can also attend to emergency call out situations.

When it comes to quotations we fully appreciate that not always the right information is given and this can cause dissatisfaction and confusement.  When it comes to getting in quotes and with so many different contractors offering seemingly different prices for the same job, we at LS Lettings and property maintenance detail the following:

  • Expected time to start works
  • Expected time to completion
  • How many 'man' hours
  • Materials including costs

You'll also find that in most cases our prices at quotation will remain the same till completion.  Naturally there is the odd occasion when this can differ but a full explanation will be given for the difference in price, should this be the case, we will inform you before starting additional work.